Here's a fun video for a Friday afternoon as we head into the weekend... Back in late October 2010 two members of the production crew for the France-based television show Capital (that airs on station M6 on Sunday evenings) came to Canada to do a segment on Research In Motion and BlackBerry following the success RIM has had in that market. Capital hit up RIM's Headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, first, but like most big tech companies RIM doesn't easily open their doors up to the press so the crew jumped on a plane and flew a couple hours west to Winnipeg and hung out with me for the day to get another perspective.

Check out the video above which takes a look at the history and success of BlackBerry, and also looks at some of the side stories to the big RIM show. In addition to seeing me at my daily CrackBerry blogging routine Capital also spent some time with Eric from Allerta, who's manufacturing the InPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry. The video is in french, but if you listen carefully you can still hear the english underneath the french dubbing in most parts (if anybody wants to translate the narration in the comments that would be awesome!). My segment hits at the 4m45s mark. I hope you enjoy the show!