Zombies Attack

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Smarter Apps (the makers of Angry Farm) have just released their newest creation dubbed Zomie Attack. The premise is simple -- destroy the zombies using the various weapons at your disposal. Destroy zombies and buildings in 100 challenging levels (with plenty more on the way).

You were one of the few who prepared, they all said you were crazy, but you knew better! Now your day has finally come. Armed with your makeshift launcher, more ammunition in storage than is probably legal, and your faithful zombie apocalypse survival kit, you stand prepare to face off with the hordes of brain eating zombies! Gaze out upon a new world survivor; one filled with zombies wandering and lurking among the wreckage of your city. It's time to fight back, retake your city for the future of mankind!

Use your launcher and your cache of collected weapons to blast those zombies into oblivion. Who needs to be picky? Sometimes a rock is all you need to do the job, but you also have fireballs, grenades and chainsaws in your arsenal!

If you're hardcore and want to really go crazy, for a one-time fee of $0.99 you can purchase the nuclear bombs. These bombs will destory any level with ease however you can only use it once per hour. For more on Zombie Attack head to BlackBerry App World.

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