The FIFA 2010 WorldCup is set to kick off on June 11th in South Africa, and if you are looking to keep up with all the action, you'll certainly want to have grab the app that was released by the folks over at S42 and ZonaBlackBerry. The app itself looks great on your device and is available in both Spanish and English. With access to live score updates, calendar integration and team statistics, you'll want to have this on hand just to ensure you don't miss anything. Storm users - yes the app will work, but you may have issues navigating as it was designed without a touchscreen UI.

For people having issues with the language shown in the app, within the app press the MENU Button > Configuracion > in "Seleccione su idioma" pick Ingles, then press "Guardar"... the app will tell you that it needs to close the app to take the new settings. When you open it again it should be in English.

Via: BerryReview