48 Hrs Of Free Unlocks!!

That's right folks, totally free unlock codes for the next 48 hrs for all T-Mobile, AT&T and Rogers BlackBerry devices! So if you are looking to unleash your device from your carriers clutches for whatever reason, now is the time to do so.

* Final Update: OK CrackBerry Nation, what a giveaway this has been! The 48 Hours of Free BlackBerry Unlock codes will soon be coming to an end - you have until 5pm EST today (Friday) to get your order in for free. As long as your order is placed by then, CellUnlock.net will get your order processed. Once 5pm EST hits, CellUnlock.net will replace the CrackBerry Promo landing page (click the image above) with a link to save 50% on your unlocks - so even if you missed getting in on the freebie you're still in for a deal.

To keep up to date with CellUnlock's progress as they plough through the over 18,000 orders placed so far, visit this CrackBerry forums thread. CellUnlock is posting updates and answering questions there. Thanks CellUnlock.net!!!!

Hit this link, fill out the information (you enter the coupon code after you have added the item to cart and the price will reduce to $0.00) and shortly after that you will have your 100% Free unlock code courtesy of Cellunlock.net. Remember, it's only for the next 48 hours. Once that time is up, the codes will be expired and no longer valid. What are you waiting for? You're still reading this? Hit the link and get in on the action! Be sure to leave some comments as well to show some appreciation for the folks at Cellunlock!

Past Updates:

* Update 5: Just a few hours left folks, so if you haven't placed an order yet for your free BlackBerry unlock code what are you waiting for?! Again, the folks had CellUnlock.net have been swamped with the free orders coming out of this promotion, so please have patience in waiting for your unlock code. Don't worry, it'll come! *

* Update 4: Wow. After 24 hours, CellUnlock.net has received over 14,000 orders already. That's over $300,000 worth of unlock codes at regular price that they're giving away for free to CrackBerry Nation (and there's still 24 hours to go!). So far they have processed 3,500 orders of the 14,000 (this giveaway has them swamped), so please have patience... they will get your order processed just as soon as they can. Thanks CellUnlock! *

* Update 3: We're still less than 24 hours into the 48 hour giveaway, and already CellUnlock.net has put through over 10,000 orders for free unlock codes!!! They're coming in by the 100s so PLEASE have patience while they get your order processed. Don't worry. As long as your order is placed within the 48 hour promo period you will get your unlock code. Keep'm coming CrackBerry Nation! *

* UPDATE 2: We're only a few hours into the 48 hour giveaway and we've already topped 5,000 Free Unlocks. Thanks CellUnlock! Keep'em coming CrackBerry Nation!! * 

* UPDATE 1: It wouldn't be CrackBerry.com if we didn't have to issue this update... In just the first hour of this post being live over 800 orders were placed for free unlock codes from CellUnlock.net! Keep in mind that all requests will be fulfilled but you may have to wait a little while as all are processed (so keep em coming!). Thanks for the patience! *