Kevin McGuire from TrueContext

I just received an email from Kevin McGuire over at TrueContext informing me they have now launched Pronto Team for BlackBerry and are offering a free software trial. I met Kevin a few months back at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, where he was excited to give me a run through of Pronto in beta form. I'm glad to see Pronto out of beta, as it's an application where I personally see an identified need that has not been met.

Pronto is all about helping businesses automate field service, sales, and data collection using "mobile forms" and makes this a reality without the need to make big investments in custom-coded applications and IT.

With the Pronto Team Trial, BlackBerry users can now go to the web, create their free trial account, change/customize a range of sample business applications, and download them to their BlackBerry device for immediate use.

Mobile forms can be pre-filled and dispatched, and completed data is sent back to the secure Pronto portal, for viewing, printing, or exporting to Excel.  Pronto Team can be quickly deployed to any number of mobile users, and Pronto Enterprise provides options for teams that need deeply integrated and fully customized solutions with BlackBerry Maps, device peripherals, back-end systems, on-premise installs or custom forms workflow/logic.

Kevin's team is already working on further enhancements to the free trial, including:

  • adding more pre-made forms to the catalogue
  • giving users more self-personalized form changes (adding labels, logos, and fields)
  • allowing users to automatically connect directly to SaaS back-ends like NetSuite,, and others
  • empowering non-technical users to build and deploy new forms in the web for their team in minutes

The initial mainstream use for Pronto is obviously targeted at data collection for business applications, but Kevin and I had a lengthy discussion at WES about some of the non-business applications Pronto is capable of addressing. For myself, I have found the lack of a fully customizable gym/fitness application for the BlackBerry to be frustrating, but with the upcoming functionality in Pronto allowing non-technical users to build custom forms I will essentially be able to  produce my own "personalized" BlackBerry fitness application which will have all of the fields for exercises, sets/reps laid out exactly as I want it - FINALLY!!!

Visit for more information. Give the demo a try, and be sure to comment back with your feedback and ideas!