Free Titanium Series Theme For BlackBerry Storm!

This is amazing! With over 7,000 thread views and only one screenshot ever posted before last night and the promise of it coming soon CrackBerry Forums member Zodiaq has finally set loose his Titanium series of themes coming in 6 different colors. This being Zodiaq's first theme, I have to say it has blown me away with the amount of detail and work put into all of them and it really shows. All 6 themes are available in the CrackBerry Forums for free (donations are accepted) in zip and OTA format for your downloading pleasure.

Now honestly looking at these themes and the amount of graphic detail in them you would almost expect it to cause lag on the Storm or for that matter any BlackBerry, but when loaded these themes run as smooth as stock. Icons fly across the screen when touched and the Today screen integration is straight up sweet! Be sure to check this one out, I'm sure you will find a color you'll like!