Rove Mobile

* UPDATE: The contents of this article are now out of date. Not all products are currently offered by Rove anymore. Please visit Rove's website for their current offerings. *

The company formerly known as Idokorro, Rove announced yesterday that two of it's popular products are now completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Mobile File Manager allows BlackBerry users to connect to remote file servers such as FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and Windows file shares. Users can edit files such as web pages, deploy sites, upload photos, transfer files from the memory card, view graphics on remote computers, edit configuration files, and monitor log files and much more.

Rove Mobile Viewer for BlackBerry (formerly BlackBerry Viewer) displays the screen of a BlackBerry smartphone on a computer screen. Users can give live demonstrations of any application designed for BlackBerry smartphones, create training presentations for BlackBerry users, take screen captures and record videos.

Can you think of anything better than Free GOOD Software for your BlackBerry? I don't think I can... so click over and pick up your new goodies today!