gWhiz's gCalcI came across this BlackBerry application yesterday and figured it would be a good one to pass onto the CrackBerry Community, especially for those of you still in school and looking for yet another reason excuse to pull out your BlackBerry during class.

From the gWhiz website, "...gCalc is a FREE graphing calculator for the BlackBerry that eliminates the need to purchase (and carry) yet another expensive electronic device. This university level calculator works right from your smartphone! Unlike traditional, simplistic phone-based calculators, gCalc provides extensive support for dozens of sophisticated mathematical functions and constants. It boasts professional graphics with the ability to zoom and scroll on the results... it even allows you to share the graph with classmates and instructors. Just email it to them!" 

I installed the calculator onto my BlackBerry Curve and played around with it a bit. It works well, but is a bit overkill for the math I tend to be doing as of late on a daily basis. I did, however, forward the gCalc link onto a couple of friends who are Engineers and they were tickled pink to see graphs.

You can watch a demo video on their website, and when you're ready to download just point your Blackberry's web browser to