Recommended Free Software (Apps) for your BlackBerry |

Recommended Free Software (Apps) for your BlackBerry

Recommended Free Software (Apps) for your BlackBerry

Welcome to CrackBerry's FREE BlackBerry Apps directory. At the links below you can find some of our favorite free software applications for your BlackBerry Bold, Curve, Torch or BlackBerry device. We've broken it down by category - simply scroll down down and click on the links to learn more and download each app. Want to know what apps top the list? Check out our list of Best Free BlackBerry Apps. If you're browsing this page on your BlackBerry, you can also visit our mobile-optimized free apps download page.

Free CrackBerry Software

Show that you are a true CrackBerry fan with some great free applications. Our new CrackBerry Wallpaper changer brings our wallpaper galleries to your device. You shouldn't be without our CrackBerry launcher that gives you quick access to our mobile site. The CB Podcasts app will let you check out our podcasts on the go. The CrackBerry Superstore lets you browse our huge inventory of BlackBerrry applications and accessories no matter where you are.


Free Instant Messaging Software

When on the go, you'll need to keep in touch. With these free instant messaging apps for BlackBerry, you'll never be out of touch. From BlackBerry Messenger to Google Talk, you'll be able to chat with your contacts no matter where you are.



Free Social Networking Software

Social networks keep us connected more and more these days. While you're on your BlackBerry, you'll want to keep up with everything. Thankfully, there are loads of free social networking apps to keep you informed. From Facebook to Twitter, you can stay in the loop wherever you go.




Free Streaming Media Apps

When you're out and about at work, the gym or just hanging on the couch, you'll want some free streaming media apps to keep you entertained. With these free apps you can rock out to your favorite tunes or catch the latest podcast no matter where you are.


Free BlackBerry Utilities

No matter what kind of user you are, you'll be sure to find these free BlackBerry utilities handy. There are some really great apps that can increase your productivity and help you be a better BlackBerry user.



There's plenty more where these came from. Be sure to leave a comment with your favorite free apps. And don't forget to check out our list of the best free apps for your BlackBerry. Have a BlackBerry App you'd like to see listed on this page? Send us the link!

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Recommended Free Software (Apps) for your BlackBerry


Try mine: TheShoppingList and let me know what you think about it.I've got hundreads of downloads and no feedback still :(

can i brows with my blackberry bold 9700 using wireless connection (wifi) and without data plan?

Yes but you cant make phone calls. I have two blackberry 9330 curves and use one at home just to browse.

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why bb apps r so boring and all paid .... not free fun like android n apple ... i want application instagram for bb bold 9900 ..... and how can i install from pc to bb

@redskyd22: I agree...would love to have instagram for bb curve 9330. for now i'm using motorola photon 4g...miss using my bb though.