Shazam Encore

RIM has now rolled out the next app available for free as part of their thank you gifts. You can head on into BlackBerry App World and search for Shazam Encore and save yourself some money on the music 'tagging' service which, is great for looking up and sharing songs you know but can never remember the name of. You can also check out the video for any songs you tag as well -- purchase all from right within the 7Digital Store if you have that installed. Thanks, @NorthsideB!

*Note - Not all devices and carriers are going to be supported. While it shows all countries and devices running 4.6.0 and up are supported, we're going by the info relayed on the BlackBerry App World website and that appears to be somewhat inaccurate at times -- if wrong, don't shoot the messenger*

Download Shazam Encore For Free