- Sacred G Wallpaper

So here's the story... yesterday I was browsing through the CrackBerry forums when I came across the thread Curve ranks 5th in top ten cell phones likely to cause cancer which linked back to an article called The Cells Toll for Thee in Men's Health Best Life magazine that listed the Top 10 Worst and Best (or is it least worst?!) cell phones based on their Specific Absorbtion Rate (SAR) numbers. The higher the SAR, the potentially worse a cell phone is for you and the CDMA 8330 Curves, with a SAR of 1.54, come in near the legal max limit of 1.6. D'oh!

Reading these articles jogged my memory - and I recalled some new wallpapers that showed up in our user-contributed wallpaper gallery a couple weeks back. I didn't think much of the wallpapers when I first saw them - just looked like some crazy colors/patterns, but the title given to the wallpapers stuck with me... "Free Cell Phone Radiation Shielding Technology". Following up with some Googling and a visit to yesterday to figure out what it was all about, I learned that the crazy looking pattern is supposedly based on the "Laws of Vibrational Energy"... or L.O.V.E. and apparently has the power to "neutralize the effects of electromagnetic fields coming out of cell phones". You can visit for more info on how it all "works."

It's definitely fringe/new age type stuff (I wonder if Steve Jobs has this as his wallpaper on his iPhone?!), but but that didn't stop it from being featured on MTV's Rob and Big show; you can check out the episode here where Rob builds his own Sacred G skateboard.

If you decide you're a believer in L.O.V.E. and want to Pimp Up your BlackBerry in sacred geometry, it turns out we've got you covered. For "max effect" against electromagnetic radiation, you'll not only want to install Sacred G as your wallpaper, but also print one out and stick it under your battery cover.  Another option: douse your BlackBerry in the Oil of the Sun, tape the Philospoher's Stone to it, and leave it overnight in the center of Stonehenge during the full moon.  Heck, you may as well do all of the above, never can be too careful.

Free Sacred G Wallpapers for your BlackBerry: