Free CrackBerry Button!

Remember the Staples Easy Button for the BlackBerry Storm? CrackBerry member Mike240se has now crackied it up and created the free CrackBerry Button app for you all to enjoy. It's a simple app - open it up, press the CB logo and hear a sound. Listeners of our CrackBerry podcast will get a kick out of it as it features some of CrackBerry Craig's favorite podcast sound bytes. For some of you it'll be good for seconds or minutes of fun, or if you're like me you'll get a kick out of this for days and weeks to come (simple things please simple minds right?! lol). The CrackBerry Button is available for both the BlackBerry Storm and trackball BlackBerrys (OS 4.3  or >). Thanks for the CrackBerry Button Mike! 

While Mike240se is known for his free apps like Storm Taser and That's What She Said, he recently released a sweet paid app for BlackBerry called Memory Eye. It's a really handy memory monitoring utility for your BlackBerry and is available in both Storm and non-touchscreen versions for only $2.99 (free trial available). It has a 5 star rating and a bunch of positive reviews - definitely worth checking out.