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Download: Free CB Wallpaper Changer | Wallpaper Changer Pro w/ CB Wallpapers

Here's some great news for all you App World users out there... the uber-popular and FREE CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer App is now available in App World. If you haven't given this one a try yet, do yourself a favor and download it now. The app pulls in wallpapers from our user-contributed galleries and offers a bunch of features so you can customize your experience. It's always fun to see a new wallpaper on your BlackBerry every time you pick it up! 

CrackBerry Walllpaper Changer Features Include:

  • Supports JPG, TIF, PNG, & BMP format picture files
  • Low battery usage, won't drain your battery
  • Customizable rotation times; Choose what categories to pull in wallpapers from
  • Option to rotate in order or randomly
  • Smart media detection, when mass storage mode is enabled and Blackberry is plugged into computer via USB wallpaper changing is stopped and then safely resumes once unplugged
  • Lightweight, simple and efficient, not bloated with extra un-needed functions
  • Automatic start up after battery pull or device reset
  • Works with the new BerryWeather
  • Supports OS 4.7 and above

Considering the price is free, it's what I call an absolute must-download. If you want even more features and have $3 to burn, you can also check out ShaoSoft's Wallpaper Changer Pro w/ CrackBerry Wallpapers, winner of a 2010 CrackBerry Editor's Choice Award. The pro version allows you to save and rotate wallpapers to/from your SD card (you can also download some addons to quick change and quick save wallpapers). Note: To get our CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer apps into App World we had to name them CB vs. CrackBerry and also had to remove the Babes, Dudes and Alcohol categories of wallpapers.  To get all these categories, download from our CrackBerry App Store instead.

Support Issues: Looking at the comments, a few people are having some issues getting it up and running. The most common cause for any sort of connection issue here is improper APN settings on your device.  If you need assistance, email [email protected] and they'll walk you through it.  We already have literally tens of thousands of people running the app successfully - the app itself is all good. 

Download the Free CrackBerry Wallpaper Changer Now from App World:

It would be super sweet to see this one hit App World's Top 25 Free Apps list, so be sure to give it a download and a 5 star rating! 

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