Berry Holiday 2.0 Theme

* Update - December 24, 2009: I figured we'd better re-post this one for the day too. If you haven't yet tried our free Berry Holiday 2 theme on your BlackBerry yet, then today is the day to give it a go! *

Berry Holidays everyone! Man oh man, our friend Zach from Z Man Themes has done it again this year. Last year he gave us the original Berry Holiday theme, which was pretty cool, but this year he has done up an absolutely AMAZING and FREE BlackBerry theme for CrackBerry Nation, aptly named Berry Holiday 2.

While Berry Holiday 2 is technically a holiday theme, the Z Man fully custom-built this one so you'll be able to use it year round in style. The default wallpaper is festive, but once the holidays are over you can change it up and keep rockin' it all spring, summer and fall (it looks really good with a straight black wallpaper and Berry Weather running - will do up a video tomorrow for the blogs to show Berry Holiday 2.0 in action). You can jump over to to grab the Berry Holiday wallpapers and for more details.

Berry Holiday 2 features three hidden docks. When they're all minimized the homescreen is very clean. Gotta love the CrackBerry fuel/battery gauge in the middle. From there you can scroll up for your core shortcuts and then back down the outer to icons to bring up the customizable side docks (Storm users can check out the hot spot chart). It'll take a couple minutes to get used to it. For devices running OS 5.0 the Berry Holiday 2 theme features nice transitions. I've been running the theme for the past few days and absolutely love it. It's clean and professional, nice and fast and ohhh sooo pretty. Love the icons!

Right now Berry Holiday 2 is available for the Curve 8900, Bold 9000, Storm, Storm2, Tour and Bold 9700 (OS 4.6 through OS 5.0 version available). Support for OS 4.5 devices is coming later this week, so stay tuned for that. Zach's turnaround time on this was pretty quick, so if by chance you experience any things that need tweaking, nicely let us know in the comments and Zach will get to them. Wicked theme Zach!!!! 

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