Recently DreamTheme launched 20 new personalization products across 3 new app categories. This week they have just released a new StillScreen pack for the holidays and are giving out free copies to the CrackBerry community in appreciation for their continued support. The Christmas StillScreens app is a tiny loader app that gives access to holiday themed images of impeccable quality -- use them as extra backgrounds for your PrimeThemes for a totally personalized holiday experience . You can check out Christmas StillScreens or DreamTheme's other StillScreens packs by viewing them at

For those of you that have already bought the 'Unlimited Dreaming' package from DreamTheme, the Christmas StillScreens are now available to you through your Unlimited Dreaming icon on your device. You can get Unlimited Dreaming, or anything else from DreamTheme's catalogue here at the CrackBerry App Store -- remember to use the code 'ENJOY' to get your free copy of Christmas Stillscreens and the code "Crack" to get an additional 15% off when purchasing through the CrackBerry App Store Client or Mobile App Store site!

* NOTE - MAKE SURE WHEN USING THE COUPON CODE YOU HIT UPDATE BUTTON BEFORE CONTINUING. The price needs to show $0.00. If you don't hit the update button, the free pricing won't take effect. *

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