FREE CB2 Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones

Remember the free Berry Holiday 2 theme we gave away before Christmas? Well it's back! Rebranded from Berry Holiday to CB2 and coming with a default wallpaper that works year round (though you can always change that up with our free wallpaper gallery), Zach from Z Man Designs has tweaked up the theme (fixing any issues some users had) and has now made it available for ALL BLACKBERRY device models, including the Pearls and older Curves, 8800s and even the 8700 (be sure to check the OS requirements on the product page to make sure your device is compatible - ie, 8700 needs OS 4.5). Keep in mind this is a new theme, so if you're already running Berry Holiday the CB2 theme will install separately.

Just like Berry Holiday 2, CB2 features three hidden docks. When they're all minimized the homescreen is very clean with the CrackBerry fuel/battery gauge standing out nicely in the middle. From there you can scroll up for your core shortcuts and then back down the outer to icons to bring up the customizable side docks (Storm users can check out the hot spot chart). It'll take a couple minutes to get used to it. For devices running OS 5.0 the CB2 theme features nice transitions. Overall, it's a really nice looking theme. Follow the link below to download FOR FREE. Thanks again Z Man!

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