Free BlackBerry Storm Lightsaber App

Based on tons of requests, member dmglakewood took it upon himself to whip up a lightsaber app for the BlackBerry Storm. Here's how it works:

Open the app, click the screen to turn the lightsaber on. You can swipe the screen left and right for different colors. When you have a color of your choice just swing the phone left and right. Based on how hard you swing it different sounds will play. Click the screen again to turn it off. 

The app is still a work in progress with some known glitches to be worked out (you might want to hold off dueling with your iPhone-owning buddies till it's 100%) but if you want to have a lightsaber on your Storm RIGHT NOW it is available for download. Jump over to the Storm Lightsaber App thread in the forums for more information and the download link.