Free BlackBerry Pearl Themes by The Z Man

Remember that Call For Free BlackBerry themes we put out a few weeks back? Well, it has been answered, and I now have a nice pile of Free Themes sitting on my computer waiting to get uploaded to our Free BlackBerry Themes Gallery. I'll be adding new themes to the gallery each week (so keep sending them in!) and will be featuring some of the stellar freebies here in the blogs.

To get things kicked off, I've added 3 Free themes for the BlackBerry Pearl by The Z Man (and there's still 12 more by him to come!). Vista 2.0, iPhone 2.0 and zSpecial One are all clean cut and rock'n... *almost* enough to make me want to buy a Pearl just so I can give them a try. The themes are available both OTA or by download for installation via Desktop Manager. If you need support, we've started up a dedicated thread in the forums for just that topic. And if you like the themes, be sure to let The Z Man know! Stay tuned for more free themes in the days and weeks and months ahead!

Download Free Themes by The Z Man: