BlackBerry Developers Webinar

Calling all current and aspiring BlackBerry Developers! RIM is hosting their first ever live webinar on September 10, 2009 from 2pm to 3pm EST. Here's the overview:

In this live webinar, we will present an overview of web development for the BlackBerry platform. We'll share some tips and tricks for improving the quality of your web content and creating a great user experience for your mobile visitors. As well, we wish to share some of the features of the BlackBerry Plug-in for Eclipse and the BlackBerry Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, and how you can use these toolkits to preview, debug and optimize your BlackBerry web applications.
At the end of our presentation, we look forward to answering any questions you might have regarding web development for the BlackBerry smartphone. All members of the BlackBerry web development community are invited to register for this free webinar. 
Speaking on behalf of the milllllions of BlackBerry users out there, we want to see more and even better apps become available for our beloved BlackBerry smartphones. So do us all a favor and follow the links below to learn more and register. In the meantime, we'll start saving our pennies so we can spend them on your future awesome apps.