Terra Mobility

The folks at Terra Mobility are getting ready to release their new app, File Manager Pro, but prior to full launch they're giving the Beta away for FREE so they can work out any potentially uncaught bugs and make sure it's perfect. So if you like Free Betas (and who doesn't?!) give this a go and be sure to report back in the comments with your findings!

Terra Mobility is pleased to announce the Beta release of File Manager Pro.

File Manager Pro is the new file and Zip archive manager for your BlackBerry. It supports advanced features such as selecting multiple files, sorting by name, size, date or type, and a Favorites list for fast access to frequently visited folders.

With File Manager Pro you can:

  • Extract Office and PDF documents from zip attachments and open them with Docs-To-Go and on-device PDF readers. Many of the documents sent as email attachments are embedded within a zip archive, making them inaccessible to on-device native format applications. With File Manager Pro you can easily extract these files, enabling you to edit and view them with Docs-To-Go and on-device PDF readers.
  • Compress documents and send them as attachments from your BlackBerry. Avoid the size limitation on sending attachments by compressing your files before emailing. And if you're on a metered data plan, this is a must have in order to save precious KBs.
  • Easily manage all your files and folders on your device. Select and apply file operations on multiple files and folders simultaneously, or apply file operations recursively within a folder hierarchy. Sort your files by size to find the ones consuming excessive space, or sort by date to find files received on some specific date. And use the Favorites list to navigate across multiple folder levels with just a single click.

Download File Manager Pro to your desktop or install OTA @ terramobility.com.