Free BBTetris for the Bold

* Updated: Follow Papped's Tetris for the Bold forum thread to stay on top of the latest updates for this app! *

Need a fun, addicting and FREE game to play on your BlackBerry Bold this weekend? Then you'll want to check out BBTetris! BlackBerry Addict and CrackBerry member Papped optimized the game for the Bold but it may work on other trackball models as well (install at own risk). You can check these comments over at BerryReview to see how users on other devices have faired.

I installed it on my Bold just now and it's totally addicting! Game play is easy - click the trackball to rotate pieces and scroll to move it around. Just don't judge my Tetris skills by the image above... I wasn't paying attention to the game while grabbing the capture. Trust me. I've got mad Tetris skillz :)

If you give it a go, be sure to drop your comments to this post. You can download the game over the air by visiting the link below on your Bold's browser: