BBM Animated Avengers avatars
The team over at BBM Animated let us know that they have just updated their site, adding brand new content! Not only have they added more animated gifs for your BlackBerry Messenger avatar, they've introduced a section for trending themes. You can click on the tab marked Hot to see what's new in that category, as it will change up depending on what is currently hot (movies, music, etc). Right now you can find animated avatars featuring The Avengers!

Of course, the gifs offered on BBM Animated are free to download and easy to get onto your BlackBerry. Simply navigate to the site from the link below, pick out which avatar you'd like to use, and save it to your BlackBerry. From here you can open up your media folder and find the saved gif, open it and hit your menu button. Choose "Set As BBM Display Picture" and you're all set. You can also change the avatar from BBM directly. Go to your profile and click your current avatar, which will open up your pictures folder. Choose the gif you downloaded and you're done. Note, animated avatars only work with BBM v6.1 and above. 

Download avatars from BBM Animated

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