The incredibly awesome folk at gwhizmobile have introduced a new free app for BlackBerry Smartphones... got-2: Task Management for "List People." From gwhiz:

If you prefer crossing items off your list versus constantly checking your calendar, then our new, FREE, got-2 Task Manager is for you. Not only does it synchronize nicely with the task list and BlackBerry calendar, it also allows you to easily generate task lists and sublists.'s FREE.

You might think that those features would make got-2 cool enough...but... got-2 also has an sophisticated reminder system that will alert you either by a given date/time or a GPS location!

got-2's GPS location alerts can prompt you when you are near home, a business, a friends house, or anywhere you'd like to be reminded of something. No more leaving the store without remembering everything you wanted to get; No more forgetting to pick up something that was on the way. Save your sanity and your gas, never backtrack again!

Key Features:

  • One easy to read screen with collapsible lists, subtasks, and agenda items.
  • Choose your preferred view: simple list or week agenda.
  • Get alerts based on time or location
  • Share tasks and lists via email
  • Prioritize-as-you-go by moving items up/down
  • Keep track of progress by marking off tasks, appointments, agenda items, and subtasks.
  • Stores data in BlackBerry Tasks and Calendar - synchronizes with Outlook and Google calendar.
  • Location integration with Google or BlackBerry maps.
  • It's FREE!

You can learn about and download got-2 via the CrackBerry Forums or from Be sure to let everyone know in the comments what you think!