Advanced Calls and LED Control

I'm an avid fan of the popular LED notification light app called BeBuzz (aka BerryBuzz). The biggest complaint from most people about the app is the price tag. There are similar apps out there that offer almost the same experience at a fraction of the cost but most don't even come close to the original...until now. When glancing through the forums, I ran across Advanced Calls and LED Control by Sultan Al Sooz. With this free, yes I said FREE, app you have an unlimited amount of possibilities and extra uses on your phone. Not only does the app give you a variety of LED color choices for your notifications, you also get some pretty cool call control features as well. Keep reading after the break for all the juicy details on this fantastic FREE app!

LED Features: 

Contacts Screen
  • Unlimited contacts for LED ID notifications
  • LED Color Picker: More than 100 colors and shades available using a color picker. Up to 4 colors per contact or app and 14 effects (not only blink, MIX and merge colors as well) per color. 
  • LED Caller ID: Assign LED colors for Incoming calls, Missed Calls, SMS and Email messages to UNLIMITED number of contacts. Finally control LED notification time (customizable from 5 min upto 5 hours or unlimited). 
  • LED control for BBM, Emails(Individual EMail Accounts), Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, WhatsApp, Calendar Reminder, Network (data and voice) Coverage, Battery (charging, full, low), CALL CONNECT and much more. 
  • LED Capture Mode: customization LED for ANY app, upto 4 apps. LED Night Profile: schedule what LED Lights you want to auto disable or lower color brightness at night. 

Calling Features:

Call Features
  • Redial Feature: Provides a redial screen for unanswered or failed dialed calls, fully customizable.  
  • Speaker Feature: Provides auto loud speaker activation for all calls or only selected call directions. Also has privacy feature to deactivate loud speaker when dialed call connects.  
  • Save Number: Prompts to save new numbers which are not in your phone contact list, for incoming or dialed numbers.  
  • Call Timer (duration) Notification: Provides call duration notification during a call, to avoid over talking or spending on phone calls. -
  • Vibrate for all Call Events (I mean ALL of them): Call events starting from dialpad (comes with this app), incoming calls, dialing, Redialing (comes with this app), call busy, CALL CONNECT (can be set for outgoing calls only), call duration (comes with this app), call muted, call waiting (receiving a second call), on hold, on call end (adds Call End Sound Profile). 
  • Miss Call Sound Profile: Adds a Missed Call to phone's sound profiles, to choose your own music alert for missed calls. This can be set to repeat the alert every few seconds or minutes.  

Added Features:Additional Features

  • Battery feature: Provides a sound profile for your battery status. 
  • Vibrates when pressing keys on touch screens and keypad, choose between vibrating in Phone App only or (due to high demand) all apps except the Web Browser app.
  • Backup/restore all settings on your Memory Card.  
  • App Works on OS 4.6.1, OS 4.7, OS 5, OS 6 and OS 7.  
  • Is EXTREMELY small in size with very small memory utilization.

Advanced Calls and LED Control is available for pretty much all BlackBerry devices (including the 9981) running OS 4.6.1 or higher (yes, even OS 7). The app is supported in all countries and across all carriers. If you've been looking for an LED notification app but have been holding back because of the price, look no further!

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