AirPlane Mode

Many people are still not sure just why you have to turn off all personal electronic devices when taking off in an airplane. All we know is that time spent flying is time apart from our BlackBerry. I know when I travel, having my device tucked away, knowing that its off and not receiving emails is painful - but AirPlane Mode helps to ease the pain (kind of). While it won't keep you fully up and running in the air, this free app quickly kills all of your wireless connections with one click, giving you an "airplane mode" and allowing you to use your device while flying. Granted, a BlackBerry with no connection isn't a fun BlackBerry, but if you have some things to do offline or want to play a game of Brickbreaker you're good to go. Sure you could manually turn off connections and get the same result, but ease of use is what this app is all about. When you land, click the icon again and all connections are restored. Done and done.