Foxy Brown to Jail After BlackBerry AttackIn the 'what was I thinking?' category we have an update for you about pregnant hip-hop star Foxy Brown, a.k.a. Inga Marchand. (click here to read our previous story)

She has now been sentenced to one year in jail by a New York City judge. Why? Because she violated her probation by lying to police about her name and address during a traffic stop AND for allegedly attacking a neighbor with her BlackBerry! That's right she allegedly attacked someone with her beloved Berry.

I suppose you're thinking she took her Berry and threw it at the victim (the attack style of choice for most celebrities), but we have it on good record that this was not the case. Apparently Foxy used her BlackBerry much like a boxing glove, using it in a hitting motion repeatedly.

Well done Foxy. Hopefully you learn your lesson in the slammer and come out the other side less violent towards people... and BlackBerries.