foursquare cheaters

In a statement on their blog yesterday, foursquare announced a new effort to cut down on "cheating check-ins". Its no secret that many users check in to locations they are nowhere near in attempt to earn points, badges and mayorships. With the new plan, foursquare intends to better use the GPS on your mobile device to determine your exact location, meaning if they don't think you are where you say you are, you get nothing.

What we'd like to do is award points, mayorships and badges only when you're at the place you say you're at. Last week we started using a few different tricks using your phone's GPS to try to verify this. (and if your phone doesn't use GPS, we use a few different tricks)

Now, we're never going to NOT let you check-in - you can checkin wherever you want, whenever you want - the idea is simply to not award points, mayorships, badges or venue specials if it looks like you didn't really earn them.

Some users are already having issues trying to check into familiar places and being told they aren't really there. This could be a good move by foursquare to cut down on cheaters, but it also may deter some frustrated users from continuing on with the service. What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts. 

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