foursquare for BlackBerry
Hey all you foursquare for BlackBerry users out there, the app has just been updated to v3.5.1! There are several bug fixes in this update so if you weren't happy with the last update you can install this and hopefully have a better experience when checking in.

Fixes included are:
  • Fix to venue screen "switch focus" issue when transitioning from partial to full load of the venue and it's details.
  • Fix to list/delete specific to user adding and quickly deleting a list.
  • Update to list items styling so the background is consistently light grey rather than white.
  • Improved performance on friend management screen when there exists 100+ friend requests.
  • Fix scroll issue with venue history list.
  • And lots more quick fixes
You can find the update in BlackBerry App World at the link below. If it's not showing for you yet, you can try refreshing your list of apps (hold Alt and press R,S,T) or just check back later.

More information/download foursquare for BlackBerry