Yesterday we saw some new screens of the latest beta of foursquare, and verison 1.8.2 is now officially available for download. The update brings a new look as well as some cool new features to the BlackBerry app - including a cool "copy venue info" feature. If you're a foursquare user you'll definitely want to check out the features. Updates include:

  • Friends Page - Quickly see your own friends and discover new ones from your user profile page.
  • Search - More prominent search. Now search is built into the top of the Places screen.
  • "Me" Settings - Simplified user info & settings via the "Me" screen. You can now quickly manage friends, settings, and view your profile.
  • My Check-in History - You can now view your check-in history from your "Me" screen.
  • Connection - Improved connection support for a variety of carriers and corporate network configurations.
  • UI - Updated UI including a unified look and feel.
  • Small Tweaks & Fixes - foursquare is always listening to user feedback and making small fixes & tweaks along the way.

These new additions really do beef up the app and give it much more functionality. The foursquare team is always open to suggestions for how to improve the app, so be sure to send your comments along as they work towards a final release. Hit the jump for some shots of the new app.

Copy Venue and Text
Friends Checkin

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