foursquare for BlackBerry

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Update: We understand the version showing is 1.9.62, but it looks like that may be the correct version for the update (not 1.9.66). We have an email out to the folks at foursquare so we'll keep you updated - thanks for the patience!

In what is their third update this week, foursquare has again been updated with some more fixes. This version adds in a few tweaks from the alpha we saw yesterday and holds the beta tag (still). Fixes include:

  • Resolution of no visible response for adding tip/todo.
  • Shows venue mayor on venue page.
  • Resolves bug where "add photo" option missing if no photos present for that venue.
  • Changes in localization welcome message to show blackberry hard key icon.
  • Resolution of screen lock up issue after login on some devices.
  • Resolution of checkin results lock up issue on some devices.
  • Resolution of "send to twitter/facebook" not showing.
  • UI fix with viewing photos on a smaller device.
  • Landscape/Portrait rotational fix on some touch devices.
You can download the update from your device at

Download foursquare for BlackBerry OTA

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