Foursquare For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.7

Since the rest of the smartphone world also got a Foursquare app update, it doesn't really come as a surprise the BlackBerry version got bumped to version 1.7. As SXSW gets set to kick off in Austin, Texas, Foursquare and its location based counterpart Gowalla have kind of been in heated battle for the attention of users in attendance. It'll be a bloody badge showdown for sure.

As for the BlackBerry version, after having downloaded version 1.7 it looks to me that it's just simply overall UI changes at this point. It should be noted though that I am not exactly an avid user of Foursquare, so if anything else major has changed under the hood I might not be noticing it. For those of you out there that use Foursquare on a daily basis, be sure to let us know in the comments if you have noticed anything major that has changed in the version 1.7 release.

* Please Note: Storm series devices appear to not be supported in this version *