It seems like Foursquare has been taking off like mad as of late. Everyone is getting in on the fun, and its invading Twitter timelines everywhere. If you haven't heard of Foursquare, it is essentially a social network game. You enter your location or "check-in" whenever you venture out, and you can earn points and badges as rewards. Check in enough times at one location and you become Mayor, find certain places with tags to earn badges. It can be a ton of fun (and overly addicting) if you can con enough of your friend into using it, or if you travel somewhere (ie. CES) where a load of other users are floating around. The BlackBerry app is still in beta, but is now available for download. The site seems to be having a few issues, so load times may be a bit longer than normal, but head over to from your device browser to download. If the page doesn't load just keep at it, I had some trouble the first few tries.