Just in time for the arrival of the BlackBerry Q10, foursquare is in the process of rolling out a new update for BlackBerry 10 devices with one particularly long awaited change and a few other additions thrown in for good measure. We've got our hands on the full change log, so here's what you can expect to see different in v10.1.2:

New In this Release:
See the most interesting things around you, as soon as you open the app. When you open up the new Foursquare, we immediately show your nearby friends and the most interesting places around you. That’s because we’re constantly crunching our data to customize the recommendations you see, based on the time of day, how familiar you are with the neighborhood, and what’s popular at the moment. 
Also in this release:
  • Enhanced explore auto complete: Now includes popular places and common searches around you as well as categories.
  • Lightning fast checkin: Long press on a place while going to check in and be checked in right away
  • Context Actions on the Friends tab, long press to like or comment on a friend's check-in
  • Q10/10.1 Support
  • Fixed: Photos now upload in the correct orientation

Yup, no more sideways photos if you're a BlackBerry Z10 owner and if you're a BlackBerry Q10 owner, you'll never have to know what it was like. With that fixed and the other new additions, it all makes for a very nice foursquare update. Like always with app updates, it's still filtering through BlackBerry World so if you're not seeing it yet, just relax. It'll be along shortly or you can go ahead and check for updates to possibly help it along.

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