*Update: Looks like this version hasn't finished approval in App World yet. Should be soon.

Fourplay is a great app for that PlayBook that just got better, visually and functionally. They picked up a new graphics designer to help out, and it really shows. Some of the many new updates include:

  •  Full Screen viewing of photos from your friends check ins
  • Popup Badges more streamlined
  • Time stamp added to each check in
  • Many new menu options for navigation
  • Detailed info on mayorship and check ins
  • Venue specials details
  • Customizable radius search
  • New Venue details
  • New Specials screen shows nearby specials
  • Complete, detailed leaderboard

As always, Fourplay for the BlackBerry PlayBook is free of charge and completely ad free, and they say this will never change. Nice to have an awesome app that has no monetary catch to it. Definitely check it out.

More information and download of Fourplay