Love using your BlackBerry as your primary camera? Not too long ago, Chimpantech released their FotoCollage and FotoColor applications to create collages and add a touch of color to your images for all you shutterbugs out there. Now they've decided to add another wonderful photo application to their catalog with FotoFilter. It enhances all of your images by adding different filters and contrast levels in just six easy steps.

While I am by no means a professional photographer, I still have yet to learn all of the features of my digital camera, there's nothing I love more than taking pictures with my BlackBerry Bold 9900 wherever I go. BlackBerry World is filled with all sorts of editing programs and as someone who has used quite a few of them you can never have too many. FotoFilter is simple, easy to use, and comes with 36 filters and 4 contrast levels to let your inner photog create stunning works of art out of your everyday pictures.

When you first load the application, all of the tools required are all right there in front of you as well as a quick tutorial. There are no additional screens or confusing menus to navigate through in order to use. Simply load an image, zoom or rotate, choose your contrast level, browse and select a filter, and save. There is quite a bit of fun to be had depending on the image and filter selected. All changes take effect immediately and there is no lag to be found. Filters include black and white, sepia, fish eye effect, box, bowl, colors, etc.

The only issue some may have is the watermark that is automatically inserted on all images upon saving. However, removal is something under consideration by the developer along with enhanced crop and resize functionality (the stored image is the same resolution as your screen) for the next iteration. They are working on a compatible BlackBerry 10 version but for now it is available for OS 6 and 7 devices. While there is no undo button per se, you can either reload the image if you want to start from scratch or select another filter from the onscreen menu.

While it strictly sticks to filters it is perfect for adding quick effects while on the go to share with friends or family. Additional tools and techniques require the use of other photo applications including those offerings in their "Foto" series that cater to these capabilities. Will users like using multiple programs to add different effects, frames, colors, or filters to their images? Personally, I do not mind swapping between them as long as I get the desired effect in the end.

FotoFilter is a great addition to the many photo filtering applications currently available. It takes those precious moments and creates beautiful images for only $0.99. 

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