We've taken a look at the video quality on the BlackBerry PlayBook a couple times in the past but it's always interesting to take a stroll through the CrackBerry forums and find others that are impressed by the video camera as well as and more importantly -- what they're recording with their PlayBooks. Forums member rjkolo attended a picnic and happened to catch a band called Leadfoot on video. The above video is that of their performance there. As you can tell, the video turned out great and even with all the backgound noise -- the audio sounds superb.

As rjkolo noted in his forums post -- the video was taken in 720p, it's the default setting of course but if you're looking to take video in 1080p you can quickly swipe down from the top when in the video camera and set it to 1080p. Have you captured some awesome video on your PlayBook? If so, feel free to share it in the PlayBook forums.