Lincoln PlayBook

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If you were looking for another reason to pick up a BlackBerry PlayBook for yourself, friend or family member - forums member guerllamo7 has your answer. It looks like you can once again grab a new 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for just $199 from ($249 for the 32GB and $299 for the 64GB) which is a sweet deal, especially with PlayBook OS 2.0 right around the corner (for real ... like a few days off). As guerllamo7 also suggests, you'll want to grab a case to protect your new investement, and what better place and time than during our Presidents Day Sale? You can save 15% on PlayBook case and any other BlackBerry accessories we have in stock. To get your 15% discount, be sure to use the coupon code pres12 during checkout. So what are you waiting for?? Get to shopping!!

Buy a BlackBerry PlayBook for $199
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