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PlayBook Moon Landing
Back in June we posted about the Google Lunar X Challenge, The Part-Time Scientists, and a QNX powered moon rover. A group of ambitious Canadians were inspired by this project, and have started one of their own, PlayBook Moon Landing.
Our objective is to inspire Canada the way John F. Kennedy inspired the U.S. with the moon landings in the 1960's.  We are aiming to spark a generation of breakthrough innovation in Canada.  Our long term goal is to make Canada a world leader in high tech.
The goal of this open community project is to build a moon rover powered by a BlackBerry PlayBook and land it on the moon, where it could then be communicated with from Earth. They are just getting started in this endeavour, and you can follow their progress on Facebook or their website (www.playbookmoon.ca) and join in the discussion in the CrackBerry forums at the link below. 

Join the PlayBook Moon Landing discussion in the forums

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