As a BlackBerry user, these are exciting times. A new platform, two new devices so far with more on the way and things are looking pretty solid for BlackBerry. Because of that, there is a lot of excitement in the CrackBerry forums.

Finally, after months of waiting BlackBerry users have some new hardware to show off and they're doing so proudly and the best part about it all is that others are starting to notice 'Hey, this isn't the same BlackBerry I know' from days long gone.

iPhone to me, is boring and retro by now with it's old interface that does not ever change.dannejanne, CrackBerry Member

Some folks in the forums have noticed the glaring eyes from iOS and Android users when showing off their BlackBerry 10 devices. Those glares of jealousy watching a demo of BlackBerry Hub, peeking into messages, the exceptional web browsing experience and that oh so beautiful BlackBerry 10 keyboard.

They get so mad when I show them the Flow, Hub, Web browsing, and especially the keyboard. Time Shift also makes them jealous. dmsbang, CrackBerry Member

Take this post for example. For some that might be hard to believe. Some can't even imagine why an iOS or Android user would be jealous of a BlackBerry but it's true. Fact is, BlackBerry 10 is all new. It's interesting and there is still a lot of love out there for BlackBerry. Old school users whose first device was a BlackBerry, people who were forced into touch-screen keyboard and have forever been 'dealing' with it.

Yes, there is people out there that do end up jealous when you show them a BlackBerry 10 device or as I like to call it, iwantanewphone syndrome and some, when you take the time to show them what all BlackBerry 10 is capable of, do admit that it's pretty amazing.

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