Concept time again and yet another sweet looking design from CrackBerry forum member Ziro1. His Xotica concept looks wonderful both as an all-touch device and also with the famous BlackBerry hardware keyboard, but where we see some big changes with this one is in terms of the notification LED. 

With this concept it's no longer at the top of the BlackBerry but now at the bottom where Ziro1 has taken the influence from Corvette brake lights. It's a nice idea and one I love but I'm not sure we'll see BlackBerry moving in this direction in the future - but who knows. You can see it in action with the second and third images in the above gallery. 

If you're a BlackBerry 10 fanatic and a dab hand with designing concepts be sure to jump into our dedicated forum and post your ideas. Fingers crossed BlackBerry themselves will take note of what many of us on Team BlackBerry want to see in future handsets. 

This one looks a real beauty to me. 

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