Currently, as far as we know, another PlayBook isn't on the cards anytime soon for BlackBerry. That doesn't stop our CrackBerry forum members from wanting a new and improved BlackBerry 10 tablet though.

Andreas Kimishis1 has come up with yet another concept and I must say that it looks glorious. Since BlackBerry confirmed that the original PlayBook would not a get BlackBerry 10 update as we were first promised, mine has taken a back seat and I tend to use an iPad mini for my tablet needs - which is mainly for watching movies in bed - no not that sort!

If BlackBerry do indeed enter the tablet market once again and we see anything like the above images and specs my iPad will be going on eBay straight away.

Even though the PlayBook wasn't a success for BlackBerry the first time around I think they still have a chance in the tablet market if they can regain lost enterprise business. Who's with me? Sound off in the comments.

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