Its BlackBerry 10 concept time once again and CrackBerry forum member Ziro1 has been hard at work coming up with the idea of the BlackBerry Coupe. I have to say that on a personal note both the all-touch and hardware keyboard versions of the concept look absolutely beautiful. 

As things stand currently we're in the dark with what BlackBerry have up their sleeves for the next all-touch flagship, but we of course do know that the Q20 will be released later this year - seeing the return of the optical trackpad and function keys - something missing from the Coupe concept.

Seeing as Jon Chen and the team at BlackBerry have decided to reintroduce the 'classic' hardware keyboard who knows if we'll see a keyboard device similar to the Coupe in the future? I'd like to think we will though. 

Either way, concepts are always great to see and hopefully BlackBerry themselves may get some inspiration from the CrackBerry readers comments. 

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