10.3 concept

Concept time again, but on this occasion it's not a BlackBerry device but the user interface that's had a revamp. The word on the street is that we'll see a few UI changes when BlackBerry 10.3 drops and that's not really surprising as each version of BB10 seems to get polished in some way. 

Forum member D_Gui has made some nice tweaks as you can see from the image above. Most noticeable is the introduction of the 'virtual toolbelt' which we know will appear with the BlackBerry Q20 but in hardware keyboard fashion. Would you want this on all touch devices too? 

Up on the top left of the display are your notifications and of course, unread ones will have the BlackBerry Spark on them. I'm pretty keen on this idea as it allows you to see what messages etc are pending wherever you are in the OS. 

The other big change here is the availability to rearrange app icons anywhere you want. Currently we can't have icons just at the base of the display with none at the top and this feature, if it comes to market, will certainly please our leader Kevin who desperately wants the ability to have this option within folders as he recently posted

From where I'm sitting all of the above would be changes that I would love to see in a future release of BlackBerry 10. Who's with me? 

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