We recently posted about the 'alleged' 5 inch BlackBerry display that had shown up on the web. Whether this will ever come to market is anyones guess but forum member SenorPistachio decided to make up a concept of what the device could look like if it does in fact go into production one day. 

From my perspective this looks like my dream BlackBerry 10 device and I'd love to be rocking this one so much, but it's also worth remembering that we know that the next BB10 handset from BlackBerry with a hardware keyboard will indeed feature the return of the trackpad and function buttons - something missing from this concept design. Then again, this is purely a mock up of what that 5 inch screen could look like and as you can see if dwarfs the Q10

I'm more than happy to be doing without the 'tool belt' on a hardware keyboard device, but at the moment it seems that BlackBerry thinks otherwise. Don't get me wrong - I'm super excited about the Q20, but this concept has my juices flowing, so to speak. 

Only time will tell if we'll see a QWERTY BB10 device of this size. Would it be too wide and chunky? Have your say in the comments or hit up the forum link below. 

Head on over to the CrackBerry Concept forum thread.