Lewis Hamilton is a BlackBerry User
left: Maclaren's Lewis Hamilton uses a BlackBerry Curve
right: Ferrari driven by Kimi Raikonen with RIM Sponsorship Photoshopped On
(note: RIM doesn't sponsor F1...I just REALLY THINK THEY SHOULD)

Formula 1 fans are excited this weekend as today marks the return of the racing season! After an exciting qualifying session the starting grid has now been set for Australian Grand Prix. More for F1 fans after the jump!

While watching the season-opening qualifer I was trying to decide which driver I want to win the title this year (my pick Kimi Raikonnen driving for Ferrari won the title last year)... and I ultimately decided this season I would cheer on whichever drivers were BlackBerry users. It didn't take me long to find a shot of Maclaren driver Lewis Hamilton with his BlackBerry Curve. And...funny thing... guess who took the pole position tonight? That's right, Lewis Hamilton. I also discovered tonight that two-time World Champion and Hamilton's ex-team mate Fernando Alonso is now using an iPhone, and Alonso qualified 12th. Hmm...maybe I'm onto something here. :-)

I was also stoked to login to the CrackBerry forums after the qualifying session was over to discover I'm not the only visitor of this site who is into both BlackBerrys and Formula 1. Check out the Formula 1 Thread. We also have some cool Formula 1 BlackBerry media on the site: Here's an F1 engine ringtone and a couple of wallpapers (check the sports category and use the site's search tool to find more).

For those of you not into this stuff, thanks for patience and skip onto the next post. I'm just an excited Formula 1 fan and couldn't help but write this blog entry (I talk about my F1 passion in Podcast Episode 003). And for those of you into it, let the racing begin! Be sure to drop your race and season predictions in the blog post comments or on the Formula 1 thread!