Football Challenge

With the FIFA World Cup kicking off in Brazil this week you football (soccer) fans can enjoy playing along with the tournament on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone thanks to Football Challenge.

The idea of the game is to predict the results of each match and this can be done by choosing the winning team - get it correct and you score points.

From the homescreen you'll see news at the top of the display. Tap on an article to read in full and also share with friends via any account you have integrated in your BlackBerry Hub.

Under the news section is a countdown clock. As I write this it's showing the time until the first match, but I presume that once things get under way it will show the time until the next match.

Also on the homescreen is a quick peek at upcoming fixtures. This shows three matches but press the + icon and you'll be shown a bunch more.

Down at the base of the display are four tabs. First up is the 'Home' one which I've just explained. Next up is 'Bets' where you will be able to guess who wins/loses each match or if you think it will be a draw.

Then it's onto 'Leaderboards' and this will show you how well you are doing compared to other players around the world. You can also filter this down to your contacts on BBM, Facebook and Twitter - a nice touch.

Last but not least is the 'Calendar' tab where tapping on a fixture will add it to your BlackBerry 10 calendar so you don't miss out - clever stuff. I'm not a football man myself, but if I was, Football Challenge would be an awesome way to interact with the World Cup and see if I could predict the scores better than my buddies.

As you'll see from the image at the top of the article - the Active Frame is pretty darn cool - allowing you to see upcoming fixtures without having to open up the app.

Give it a go and let us know what you think?

Favorite features:

  • Predict from your BlackBerry10 and participate in local and global rankings.

  • Get breaking news based on your predictions.

Helpful tips:

  • Check your friends predictions.

  • Check FIFA World Cup's latest news.

  • Check your local ranking to see who's crushing it this week

  • Schedule the match's date on your calendar.

  • Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese!

Football Challenge is free and available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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