Foodspotting BlackBerry

All of you food geeks will be happy to know that Foodspotting has finally made its way to BlackBerry. Foodspotting for BlackBerry features most of what you'd expect to find in an app including search, "best" and "nearest" for tracking down some eats. You can easily spot food from the menu or icon (most functions overlap between the menu and banner) or simply browse the latest and greatest. The app is decent for the most part, however the functions seem a bit lacking in its current state (clicking Options in the menu pops up a "Coming Soon" notice for instance). I installed the app on my 9930 and even on a new device it feels sluggish and very lacking. It's pretty slow to use and while it gets the job done, it doesn't do it very well. Hopefully an update is in the not to distant future that will bring it up to par. You can download Foodspotting free from BlackBery App World.

More information/download of Foodspotting for BlackBerry.

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