If you've been missing the Fongo app from BBOS, you won't have to worry about that now. Fongo has released their money saving Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) app for BlackBerry 10 smartphones after having teased its release a bit back in February. As expected, the app is fully featured offering unlimited calls, text and more.

  • Free local Canadian phone number
  • Free unlimited calling across Canada and to any Fongo number anywhere in the world -- without using any cell minutes
  • Free unlimited incoming calls and SMS text messages
  • Free unlimited Fongo texting, including group and picture messaging anywhere in the world
  • Traveling outside of Canada? Call back to Canada for FREE
  • FREE premium features like visual voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding
  • Cheap international calls
  • Sync with your existing contacts and Facebook friends • English, French and Chinese language support
  • Fongo even supports 911 emergency calls

For those who make use of Fongo, this is certainly great to see but I do feel the need to point out it is an Android release and not a native app. Still it works as it should so if you've been waiting for it, go ahead and give it a go. For new users, keep in mind the app is only available in Canada within certain regions so it's not one for everybody sadly.

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