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Welcome to's Ongoing Follow CrackBerry and Win Contest! 

We know our loyal readers already visit daily, Subscribe to our RSS feeds and get our CrackBerry Podcast on iTunes, but we wanted to do something a little extra to reward our loyal fans and grow our audience in some of the off-CrackBerry social networking and content sharing sites that BlackBerry owners hang out and visit. 

Follow CrackBerry Contest Overview... It's Easy! That said, we want you to follow CrackBerry on Youtube, Twitter and Facebook and as a thank you for doing so we're going to pick a lucky winner each month from among our CrackBerry followers / subscribers / fans on each of these sites to win some great BlackBerry prizes, including accessories, apps and even devices! That's three winners each month - one picked at random from each site. All you need to is click the images above to follow us on each site, and just keep following us! We'll pick our three winners on the last day of each month and announce them on the first day of the new month along with the prizes to be won for the new month. The minimum prize value per site each month will be $50 and you can subscribe to all of Youtube, Twitter and Facebook to maximize your chances of winning. You can follow the table below to track all of the fun and games. Thanks for following, spread the word and good luck!!

Follow CrackBerry So You Can Win:

 Follow CrackBerry and Win Prizes and Winners 2010!
Month  Youtube  Twitter  Facebook

T-Mobile Bold 9700
Winner: rafeezy

Accessory SuperBundle
(any BB device!)
Winner: luckycarl

BlackBerry Visor

Winner: Katie Panning Spieth
 March Jawbone
Jawbone Icon
Winner: StandUp6
Jawbone Icon
Winner: acxmorris
Jawbone Icon
Winner: Michael Swanson
 April Motorola S7HD Bluetooth Headphones
Motorola S7HDs
Winner: butterzz
Smooth Talker Charging Cradle
Smooth Talker Cradle
Winner: mamszej
Case-Mate Fuel Case
Case-Mate Fuel Case
Winner: Chastity Reed
BB Music Gateway
Winner: pomdeteir

BlackBerry Presenter
Winner: kameronalex

Solio Rocsta
Winner: John Guisinger
 June Jabra Stone
Jabra Stone
Winner: soccermansjs
BlackBerry Visor Mount
BlackBerry Visor Speakerphone
Winner: jade33870
Plantronics BackBeat
Plantronics BackBeat
Winner: Russel Rogers


maximo iMetal
maximo iMetal Headset
Winner: scresistor


Griffin PowerDuo
Griffin PowerDuo
Winner: irishstephen


Solio Classic Charger
Solio Classic Hybrid Charger
Winner: Richard Garrison


BlueAnt S4
Winner: tehkseven

BlueAnt V1

Blueant Q1
Winner: Jamie Lund

BlackBerry Charging Pod
Winner: capmid

Overboard Waterproof Case
Winner: tonedef15

HTC Stereo Headset
Winner: Lexi Morgan York


Ventev Charger


Sony Travel Charger

Winner: Darcylu

BlackBerry HS-700

Winner: Katrina Josh Wright


Freedom Walk and Talk

Winner: PhxBlue

Overboard Waterproof Headphones

Winner: TheNorthFaze 

Motorola Oasis

Winner: Marty Queen


BlackBerry HS-700

Micro-USB Power Plug

Overboard Waterproof Headphones

Follow CrackBerry Contest FAQ/Details

Elgibility - Open worldwide. In order to participate as a follower /subscriber / fan of the CrackBerry accounts in this contest you must have an account with Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. We'd love you to follow on us in all three locations (that maximizes your chances of winning) but it's not required. One, two or all three is fine. If you're already following us when this contest starts, don't worry, you're entered automatically!!

Announcing Winners - Winners will be chosen randomly each month. Winning usernames will be posted to the CrackBerry blogs within the first few days of each new month. Winners will be contacted via the respective sites (twitter, facebook, youtube) and once initially contacted the follow-up will be conducted via email to work out details (address for shipping, etc.) on getting the prize. There is no rule against being able to win more than once. If winners fail to reply or follow-up with CrackBerry to claim their prize within three months of the winners announcement and CrackBerry trying to reach out to the winners, the prize's will go back into a pool - at year end a new contest will be held for unclaimed prizes.

There you have it! You can find your way back to this page easily by going to and be sure to tune into the blogs on the first day of each month for the winners' announcement and to see what can be won next month. If you have any questions, you can email us at contest @ - be sure to make the subject Follow CrackBerry and Win Contest!

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