Two months after the date of his first BlackBerry KEYone durability test video, Zack sacrificed a newly-purchased KEYone to see how well it would hold up to his bend test a second time around. In his first test, the KEYone was getting the green light all around until it came to the bend test, where his KEYone unit's display separated from the chassis. Based on this, the KEYone ended up on JerryRigEverything's Shelf of Shame. That's not a good thing, especially for a phone that touts durability as one of its key selling points.

BlackBerry Mobile was quick to respond to customer concerns and confirmed that additional measures would go into place to further strengthen the adhesion of the KEYone's display. They also reaffirmed that if anybody should already own a KEYone and run into an issue where the screen starts to pop out, that they'll replace it.

I highly recommend watching the new video - it highlights just how stuck in the KEYone's display is. Zack couldn't pop it out by bending it, and even blowdrying the glue to heat it up didn't help to ease the display out. In the end, the adhesion was so strong he destroyed the display while trying to remove it.

Based on this extreme durability, Zack has removed the KEYone from his Shelf of Shame and changed it to buy a recommendation - "I can fully recommend it as a phone that will stand the test of time."

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